Tabnabbing is a phishing attack that inspires users to enter their login details by showing fake replicas of their popular websites. In this, users are assured by making an exact copy of the website that the website they are using is original so that users can enter their login details without thinking.

When the user click on a link, the Malicious Site open in a new tab and the user's attention goes to it. While the original site he was trying to open, opens in the same tab. The user considers that Malicious Site as an original site and fills his login details in it.

What is Tabnabbing and How to prevent it ?

How to prevent it?

To avoid tabnabbing, we must set a rel attribute on all anchor tags that have the target = "_ blank". This is how we do it:

<a href="" target="_blank" rel=“noopener noreferrer”> CodexRadar </a> code-box

Before logging into any website and entering your sensitive data, we must look once towards the address bar and make sure that the URL is not fake.


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