What is jQuery?

jQuery is a library of JavaScript. Hence jQuery is not a programming language. jQuery is built with the help of JavaScript to make programming easier in JavaScript. jQuery has been designed in such a way that it can work on cross-platforms and also works well with different browsers. JavaScript requires many lines of code to do many common tasks, while in jQuery, the same work is done in one or two lines of code.

What is jQuery ?

jQuery is a fast, small and cross-platform JavaScript library. There are many features in jQuery, using which we can create attractive websites. The main purpose of jQuery is to use JavaScript easily in your website. The popular saying about jQuery is "Write Less Do More". HTML DOM manipulation and ajax call can be easily done with the help of jQuery. jQuery is developed by Google.

Why jQuery is Required

Now many questions must be arising in your mind, why did we feel the need for jQuery. What were the reasons that caused us to build a library like jQuery. Will jQuery replace JavaScript in future. Is the JavaScript scope over now?

We try to answer all these questions in the following points:

  • The code of jQuery is written in a separate .js file. Due to which it does not mix with HTML and any other programming language.
  • jQuery code is written using JavaScript. So jQuery can never replace JavaScript.
  • JavaScript can be used easily with the help of jQuery. In jQuery, we are able to easily do complex things with the help of some lines of code.
  • With the help of jQuery UI, we can create highly attractive websites in a very less time.
  • jQuery is a mostly used and most popular library of JavaScript.
  • jQuery works the same in all types of browsers. This is also an important reason behind its popularity.
  • Whatever the library or framework comes, but the popularity of JavaScript will never diminish.
  • jQuery requires less code writing than JavaScript, which increases the performance of web applications.
  • jQuery is fast and can be expanded easily.

History of jQuery

Most websites are currently using jQuery. The popularity of jQuery is much higher than any other JavaScript library and framework. jQuery was first released on August 26, 2006. It was made by John Resig in BarCamp NYC.

Now let's see what were the release dates of jQuery versions:

Versions Release Date
v1.0 26 Aug, 2006
v1.1 14 Aug, 2007
v1.2 10 Sep, 2007
v1.3 14 Jan, 2009
v1.4 14 Jan, 2010
v1.5 31 Jan, 2011
v1.6 3 May, 2011
v1.7 3 Nov, 2011
v1.8 9 Aug, 2012
v1.9 15 Jan, 2013
v1.10 24 May, 2013
v1.11 24 Jan, 2014
v2.0 18 April, 2013
v2.1 24 Jan, 2014
v2.2 8 Jan, 2016
v3.0 8 June, 2016
v3.1 7 July, 2016
v3.2 16 March, 2017
v3.3 19 Jan, 2018
v3.4 10 April, 2019
v3.5 10 April, 2020

jQuery Features

DOM Selection : jQuery provides selectors to get DOM elements based on various criteria like id, CSS class name, tag name, attribute name, value, nth child in hierarchy etc.

DOM Manipulation : We can manipulate DOM elements using various functions which is built in jQuery. With the help of jQuery, you can add new elements to HTML document and also remove any element.

AJAX : Using jQuery makes it very easy to use ajax functions. Because of which we can get the data from the servers without reloading the entire page.

HTML Event Methods : Many functions are already included in the jQuery library that handles HTML events. For example click, dblclick, mouseenter, mouseleave, blur, keyup, keydown.

Cross-Browser Support : jQuery automatically fixes cross browser problems. Hence, there is no need for the user to worry about it.

Effects and Animations : We can apply effects and animations to any DOM elements like show or hide elements, fade-in or fade-out of visibility etc. 


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