The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is commonly used with HTML. A web page made of HTML has been made beautiful with its help.

CSS is used to design a web page. So that the user experience can be improved.

With the help of CSS, text color, font style, background image and web page layout can be controlled.

Web pages can be created using different CSS for different sized devices.

CSS is a very easy language to learn and understand. With a few days of effort anyone can easily learn it.

What is CSS ?

CSS Versions

CSS1 :  The W3C suggested CSS1 in December 1996. This version describes how CSS1 will be used with HTML tags.

CSS2 :  This was an improved version of CSS1 suggested by the W3C in May 1998. This version provides support for adding media specific style sheets.

CSS3 :   This is an improved version of CSS2 proposed by the W3C in June 1999. This is the newest version of CSS. Many new features were introduced in this version such as rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations, as well as new layouts like multi-columns, flexible box or grid layouts.

Advantages of CSS

Improves Website Speed : CSS provides us the facility that we can use the same code block of CSS for multiple web pages at once. This will reduce the chances of rewriting code and the web page will also load faster due to less code.

Easy Maintenance :  CSS code is very easy to maintain. The style of any element of a web page can be easily changed and managed. We can change and update the style of more than one element of a web page with the same style code. It will take only a few seconds.

Consistently Efficient : The style of more than one web page can be implemented and changed with the help of CSS which saves a lot of time of web designer and increases their efficiency.

Device Compatibility : With the help of CSS, a web page can be displayed on mobile and desktop according to their screen size. Which greatly enhances the user experience.

Saves Time : Once you write the CSS code for any element, then through that code you can control the style of that element for any other web page. If you want to change the style of that element, then you will be able to change the style of that element for all other web pages with just a few lines of code. Which saves a lot of time of web designer.

Example of CSS Code

<!DOCTYPE html>

h1 {



</html> code-box


Paragraph alert-info


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